Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Spectacular STOMP at the Ice Skating Rink - Review

Thoroughly enjoyed the ingenious, high energy, fun entertainment. The talented performers use a mind-boggling array of everyday percussion instruments in their show to create music, movement and comedy. The interaction with audience is very amusing. Well worth seeing.

My trip to the supermarket will never be the same ;O)

My only gripe would be the uncouth audience members who arrived late for the show - get a watch people, those who had ants in their pants and had to get up and move around during the performance, those using their mobiles even though they were specifically asked not to and beyond belief twerps who bring babies (most theatres would not normally permit screaming cranky kids under 4 years old). This was most bothersome at the beginning of the show before the volume and intensity grew. Fortunately, once the noise rose from the performers they drowned out the phones, chatting and nuisances.

Bravo to EventMania (who did not send me a ticket even though I asked very nicely) but luckily I was presented two invites by a dear friend probably much better seats than they would ever have given me. But all's forgiven and credit where it's due - we're grateful that someone is bringing some great shows to Kuwait.

Come on Kuwait, it would be really nice to have a purpose-built theatre with great acoustics for these shows instead of having to 'make do' with the ice rink.

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