Wednesday, December 21, 2016

MP Ahmed Al-Fadhl Demands Holiday On Christmas And A Christmas Tree in Safat Square

MP Ahmed Al-Fadhl called for declaring Christmas a public holiday and for erecting a large Christmas tree on Safat Square in Kuwait City to allow Christians to mark the occasion.

LWDLIK - You are your father's son. Ahmed who's father, the legendary MP Nabeel Al-Fadhl, died a year ago tomorrow whilst in session at Parliament. The flame lives on. 

After rumours earlier this week that several MPs were rallying for Christmas trees to be banned from display only an Al-Fadhl could counter with something like this. I doubt his demands will ever be met but thank you Ahmed for your support from the Christmas tree lovers in Kuwait. I say Christmas tree lovers as I see more and more Kuwaiti Muslims putting up trees, just because they're cute. I see my Muslim Kuwaiti neighbour's twinkling tree everyday from my window. 

Certainly to show such support, tolerance and brotherly love for Christians, during this time, is most appreciated. 


  1. My Kuwaiti boss and I were just discussing this yesterday and he mentioned that he has a Christmas tree at home and as a family they open presents on Christmas day. I thought that was the most beautiful thing! We really need to be more accepting and tolerant of each other's beliefs and customs. Besides, what does a Christmas tree actually have to do with the birth of Christ anyway?

    1. That's so sweet thanks for the story, Mimi. I'm a not a practising Christian either but I am a Christmas tree lover and embrace the idea of goodwill to all men (I try to do that all year but doubly at Christmas).

    2. Goodwill to all men includes women, just to clarify.


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