Saturday, January 15, 2011

Prime & Toast Restaurant

Just had brunch at a little hip and exciting  restaurant called Prime & Toast, opposite Amiri Diwan/Seif Palace, Gulf road (a few shops down from Coffee Bean).

My niece had been telling me about it for a while but just didn't get a chance to try it out, until today. Dropped my princess off at an art workshop and met a friend for brunch there. We were both mighty impressed with:
 1. It's casual, Soho feel. 2. The menu was really interesting. 3. It was really tasty.
Examples: Spinach and mushroom omelette, huevos rancheros, Thai eggs, pancakes, waffles, steak and scrambled eggs, farmer's omelette with pumpkin, zucchini, carrot and peppers.

I had the eggs Benedict on a bagel (EB they were good; with hollandaise sauce and beef bacon - also they deliver :O) If you're a purist then the bagel was unbagel- like and more like focaccia but tasty, really liked the grilled tomato with a sprinkling of herbs- Yum! I give it a 8/10.

My friend had the French toast with maple syrup which was excellent 9/10. I prefer a little cinnamon on mine but it was very good.

My little pumpkin, when she arrived, had the fried eggs sunny-side up with a side of beef bacon which she woofed down and said it was much better than her mumma makes, so 10/10.
Borrowed this pic from their FB page but it comes with two eggs and a grilled tomato.

The hot chocolate was a kiddies' delight and I should know I've paid for so many and they've been left undrunk. All the above and 4 black coffees came to KD 8.900 which I thought was pretty good value. They have indoor and outdoor seating. Breakfast/brunch is served from 8AM-3PM. Lunch and dinner served, salads and sandwiches are served all day and night.. yes it's open 24 hours Tel. 22411252

They have opened another one at Bida'a opens 8am-12 midnight.

Update- New kid's (or adults ;o) M&M pancakes on the menu.


  1. Thank you dear. I didn't check the blog for a couple of days and thats what I missed!

    Inshalla next week I'll go there. I doubt they deliver to mishref.

    Funny thing is am good friends with the guy who owns that plot, and if P.T is owned by the same guy who owns the next door place, then he is my friend to, though haven't met since 90!


  2. Welcome :OD I think once you see the menu you'll forgo the EB and be tempted to go with something else. If he's an old buddy maybe you can get him to deliver if not there is a delivery service tel. 22494944 or 99175400. I spoil you :OD Though couldn't post your other comment you know why. We're pacifists on here LOL..

  3. Thank you for both spoiling me (I do some times think this blog is my private guide to Kuwait), and explaining the pacifist part... though I will continue to speak my mind but as a whisper, it doesn't have to be published :)

    And even I know that delivered eggs aren't a good idea, and trust me I so miss EB I will get it, and while am sure I will be tempted with other choices, I will just have two dishes :)

    Now find me halal Duck fat to make fries with at home and I will say a special prayer for you for a week

    BBB or not, growing on me.

  4. BBB wouldn't expect anything less than your right to speak your mind. Just hope I can print it LOL.. Sadly people are quick to misconstrue, twist and misquote things.
    Duck fat in Carrefour and Dean & Deluca. You know your chips. May I suggest a little homemade mayonnaise to go with those. Darn I'm hungry again now..

  5. Mark on 248am is happy to let people battle it out and say some horrid stuff which I happen to think is inane and unconstructive. I'm all for an opinion that is well-thought out, has logic and may help me or others to understand a situation better. But foreigners cursing all and everything here and Kuwaitis telling all foreigners to go home if they don't like something here, is -in my opinion- unproductive and tiresome. Don't get me wrong I love Mark's blog but find reading the comments annoying. Hence I edit the comments.

  6. Thank you for the explanation, and I am pro editing. I would for one ban all vulgarities and all the patriotic non sense (we are humans first, well most of wait,some of us).

    But marks blog does reflect the general populations opinions or rather the mostly educated ones, and I have to say, it is a sad reflection :( but you always see some hope from some "human" reader.

    Back to the more important stuff, duck fat :) the key word in my request or prayer is (halal), you didn't think you'll get a weeks prayers for that easy of an answer?

  7. BBB- Are you agreeing that I was right not to publish your comment? LOL :OD

    Yes, definitely, good for people to vent. I wonder though if the divides are not widened by the nasty responses to such openess. It is refreshing as a Kuwaiti that you are in acknowledgement of the inequalities and problems here. There are many things that could change for the better, no doubt. You would never believe some of the comments I've had.

    Must be halal duck fat, surely, if it's being sold here? ;O)

  8. Actually I am in agreement, totally.
    This is a nice sophisticated friendly place, no room for my comment, but you caved and published it :P


  9. I did publish it? Which one are we talking about? I thought I'd not published that one regarding 'God rest his soul.'

    Why is it sometimes you're EB and other times BBB?

  10. You did publish it, in the 1000 KD post.

    BBB (bring back the black)

    After the new look grew on me, I returned EB. Maybe after I try that EB, I will be DF or halal DF.

  11. FYI ... Prime & Toast is open 24 hours a day ... I would recommend The Hangover ... it is a "must try"

  12. My experience in Prime and Toast can be explained in three simple words : Oily, Salty, Expensive .........Never again :(

  13. Oh no! Hope you complained only that's not usual for them :O(

  14. Hi Randy, tried it and it was awesome! Had to share it as wanted the yummy peanut butter pancakes too (sharing of course :O).

  15. LOL that's great, was there the other night at 1AM battling jet lag and saw they had new PB pancakes but they don't serve bfast til 3AM. How were they?

  16. They were fab especially after I drizzled them with honey :OD Good reason to go back during breakfast hours.


Always great to hear from you :O)