Monday, April 22, 2013

Le Notre, Marina Mall :O(

I, usually, adore their soups but today the pumpkin and broccoli had a weird taste (more like cauliflower). My friend ordered a chicken avocado sandwich (I'm surprised she agreed to eat there at all after finding a short curly hair in her food many years ago at the Avenues branch, however she must have been too hungry to remember or care - I was with her on that occasion and it was handled very, very badly).

I ordered the burger. Both items were bland and tasteless hers and mine (I'm beginning to wonder if I'm hormonal). The chips were unsalted, I mean who serves chips unsalted? Has Mcdonalds taught you people nothing. We both left more than half of our unappetizing food.

We didn't bother complaining as
a) we wanted to go check on some dresses
b) having tried to converse with the waitress concerning our orders it would have been too frustrating to even attempt.

What is going on? Two poor meals in two days.

In their defense I have had some very decent meals in Le Notre on the Gulf Road, some fabulous incredible sweets and I love, love, love their buffet breakfasts ;O) Would be nice to receive the same standard of food and service in all branches.



  1. a fiend of mine just complained to me about their steaks too! Tough meat...was served not according to the description in the menu! This is BAD!!!

    1. Very bad! We are fed up with shoddy food and service!

  2. I like LeNotre on the water - only because of the atmosphere and the changing decor. I have never really had a good experience with their food. The coffee is good - I can say that. Oh, and the salad bar. Beyond that, I don't think they believe in seasonings and the service leaves a LOT to be desired.

    1. Yes DG that's my fav too. We used to frequent the Avenues branch for brunch which was good until my friend had the short curly hair in her food. The waiter had no clue how to deal with it (he actually said "so you don't want it?") and the manager who we requested for several times and had to wait 20 mins for barely shrugged and asked if she wanted another. Duh!!! No!! She was handed a bill with the item still on it. So was expected to pay for the horrible experience too. Yes, she refused to pay.

  3. Yeah customer service does not exist here. Period lol


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