Thursday, April 18, 2013

Three Cheers for MP Thekra Al-Rashidi

KUWAIT TIMES: A senior official along with four of his employees at the labor department were taken into custody for investigations over human trade suspicions, local daily Al-Watan reported yesterday. The suspects face charges for reportedly creating fake job opportunities in companies’ files in the department’s database, a measure that paves the way for issuing visas that are sold to expatriate labor forces who to come to Kuwait. The decision came as per direct orders of the Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Thekra Al-Rashidi, and is the fourth of its kind since the minister assumed office last December.

LWDLIK - This lady is getting things done.



  1. Go girl!!! Finally some decisive action rather than a lot of blah blah blah... "form a committee" BS!

  2. Well, good to hear they are able to find out who is commiting these Visa trading. But they never mention what punishment is handed over to those Traders!! Most likely the labour ministry officials will be released on Bail.But when an expat becomes buys a visa no.20 from these traders , he needs to serve jail or get deported!!


Always great to hear from you :O)