Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Escapade has launched their next trip to hike Mt.Kilimanjaro, which will be held from December 24th 2013 till January 1st, 2014.

This year Escapade will take its participants to Tanzania as a once in a lifetime experience. Escapade is offering the participants to take the opportunity to new heights with some of the most spectacular views that someone could ever see, this life altering adventure to reach the highest peek in Africa, experiencing one of the world's greets outdoor challenges. Register online at

Es.ca.pade is the brainchild of Pink Coffee Marketing and PR that originated from a desire to bring together exceptional individuals who exhibit potential, promise, and passion to excel. Es.ca.pade is an overseas trip that provides participants with endless possibilities to learn new skills, enhance their capabilities, and to explore opportunities in an enjoyable, safe, and family oriented environment. It brings together people from different fields in pursuit of the same goal-self enrichment.

Participants go on a journey into a world of experience by travelling to countries across the globe – striding through busy streets, climbing up mountainous topography, and crossing vast farmlands, they'll live through a nation's environment and culture. During Es.ca.pade, we combine elements of adventure, voyage, and knowledge. It is a trip that will wrap stunning scenery, interesting cultures, vibrant history, and city life into one exciting package. A trip that will take participants to some of the most jaw-dropping destinations while offering them an opportunity to meet new people, encounter a staggering array of cultures, and witness some of the most captivating sights.

In addition to the aforementioned, Es.ca.pade also promotes physical fitness, mental health, stress control, and positive attitude. It equips the participants with vital life lessons in an exciting and interactive way while developing participant’s personalities by teaching them essential lifelong skills.



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