Sunday, November 17, 2013

Big Storm Heading Our Way...Rain, Rain, Rain!


Expected Weather
for the next 3 days
unstable + scattered rain and thunder storms   
Min Temp °C 16   
Max Temp °C26   
Wind Direction south easterly   

Storm moving in from Saudi Arabia which caused a lot of flooding there. If it hits Kuwait there are many areas that will flood due to heavy rainfall , and because of blocked drains. Be warned I have seen cars up to their steering wheels in water. If you think you are parked in a low lying area or can see that the water is not draining from your area move your car or you might wake up to a car floating around in water and hundreds of dinars worth of repair.
Be very careful when driving as most idiots will drive just as fast and as dangerously. Certain roads and underpasses flood and can make traffic come to a grinding halt for 3-4 hours.

Good job Tuesday is a holiday. Stay safe! 


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