Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I Have High Blood Pressure

There, I've said it.

When I was first diagnosed, years ago, I took it incredibly lightly. I thought by popping a pill everyday I could avoid the nasties that go with high BP. But of course you can't go on eating whatever you like, refusing to exercise and not curbing other bad habits without consequences. After all that little pill can only do so much.

So another mini episode at Amiri yesterday (mainly due to my lack of coping with stress too well, confrontation is a big no-no). I'm hoping I've had an epiphany. It was a real eye opener when God sent me a little message last night. As my husband and I waited in Emergency to check my BP, for the fourth time, a patient was wheeled in screaming and holding his head. Doctors and nurses rushed into the resuscitation room. The poor man was screaming for at least 20 minutes in that room and then silence. I'm really hoping the silence meant the doctors managed to save him from his pain and suffering instead of the unthinkable.

Once my BP had come down I was allowed to go home.

Consequently, I had an apple for dinner.

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