Monday, November 25, 2013

The Go-To Breakfast Solution

When the car's gone to be fixed in the garage because the security moved your car and smashed into another - only the security has no driving license and you haven't the heart to send his sorry arse to the police station. 

When your daughter has used your favourite MAC lipstick and liner and can't remember where she put it. When you wake up and the freezer has a pool of water underneath it and you're scared to use the washing machine because it was beneath the defunct freezer and is also sitting in a pool of water.


Pretend it's your birthday and have a non-fried (let's not get too silly LOL) 'Elvis' toasted sandwich with honey, peanut butter and bananas. Which is what is most definitely called for whilst I wait for the maid to get back from school. MMMMMmmmm!

Aneurism averted for today.


  1. HAHAHAHa, Happy Birthday! Enjoy your snack and when the maid comes back home ask her to prepare a nice breakfast.
    Have a happy day things can not turn worse, hahahhaha

    1. Car fixed, freezer working, no one electrocuted, lipstick still missing but suitable replacement bought. The amazing powers of the 'Elvis' sandwich. All is good again.


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