Monday, January 20, 2014

One Stop Dry Cleaners, Bneid Al Gar

I really must give a shout out to my regular, local dry cleaner 'One Stop Cleaners' at Tameer Complex, Tower 7, Bneid Al Gar, Blk 2. In the 4 years that we've been using them - I don't 'do' dishdashas or qutras all go to One Stop - they have NEVER ruined anything. Quite a feat considering I've been here 30 years and had loads and loads of clothing ruined, shrunk, shinied, irreversibly horribly pressed and just plain disappear. They are very efficient and very reasonable (downright cheap when compared to UK) and they deliver to the immediate area or at least to me. My husband and I always make out the total is way too much and ask for a discount just to watch the delivery boy get all Indian on us and start telling us in his broken, cute, limited English, "No too much money, many work, good work," whilst shaking his head, waving his hand at us dismissively and tutting at us. Now when we say it he just waves his finger at us and gives us a big smile.

Pants are 500 fils, shirts 750 fils and dresses, jackets KD 1.They never smell of dry cleaning fluid and it's always a great job.

Tel. 55525246/48


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