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Contemporary Art Platform is pleased to invite you to: UPCOMING EXHIBITIONS

F A R A H   B E H B E H A N I 
Opening Reception: 18/1/2014 (6:00 - 9:00 Pm)
Exhibition Date: 19/1/2014  - 12/2/2014  
Contemporary Art Platform (The Art Room)

Stages of Ascent is a visual journey that explores the 28 letters of the Arabic alphabet. Beginning with the primary letter ‘Alif’, and ending with ‘Ya’, this series introduces the playful possibilities that letters can create, a ceaseless flow of stories. Alif, a symbol of the absolute oneness of God (Allah), is also a representation of self; I (ana), Where ‘Ya’ the last letter in the alphabet is a common prefix used by Arabs to address each other “ Ya Muhammad”. Drawn and reinterpreted from their primary form, this series of letters presents a diversity of visual expressions through the intricate sewing of threads and beads. The embroidery accentuates the movement and dynamic nature of the letters, giving a glimpse of their endless possibilities and splendor. The harmony of lines and curves form a dimension of play... " Readmore 

Born in 1981, Farah K. Behbehani is a Kuwaiti designer and artist. She received her M.A. in Communication Design (Distinction) from Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design, London in June 2007. Farah has been an apprentice of the renowned calligrapher Khaled al-Saai since 2006, studying a range of styles of calligraphy including Jali Diwani, Sumbuli and Kufic. In celebration of her heritage and the Middle Eastern culture, Farah’s work takes a contemporary approach aimed at combining tradition with modernity.

Farah is a published author of a 12th century Sufi Allegorical poem ‘The Conference of the Birds’ (Thames and Hudson, London, 2009)which she designed and illustrated in JaliDiwani calligraphy. She has participated in a number of exhibitions internationally including: ‘Arab Visual Art’, European Parliament, Brussels (2008); ‘Arabesque: Arts of the Arab World Festival’, Kennedy Center, Washington D.C. (2009);  ‘The Conference of the Birds’ (solo show), Dar Al Funoon, Kuwait, (2009); ‘Beijing Typography Exhibition ’09’, Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum, Beijing (2009); ‘The Future of Tradition - The Tradition of Future’, HausDerKunst, Munich (2010); ‘50/20’, The Sultan Gallery, Kuwait (2011); and the Sharjah Biennial of Calligraphy, Sharjah Calligraphy Museum, where she was presented with the Distinction Award for her installation ‘The Tree of Life’ (2012).


Design Entrepreneurship Forum

Event Date:18/1/2014 

Contemporary Art Platform (CAP Warehouse)
Contemporary Art Platform is hosting YourAOK's first Design Entrepreneurship Forumentitled “YourBenchmark". A full day gathering of innovative business minds & design entrepreneurs, where a series of presentations and discussions will be given by influential entrepreneurs.

When you design a concept, you think creatively! In order to be effective, you need to execute this idea. Entrepreneurship is transforming thoughts from words to actions, and to be a Design Entrepreneur you need the tools to turn personal passions into fulfilling careers, and translate ideas to viable products and thriving businesses. Join us this Saturday for a full day event and meet a group of the influential speakers from the region:

Khaled Shafaar, Dubai
Ahmad Al-Mutawa, Kuwait
Cyril Zammit, UAE
Dr.Ebrahim Alsahli, Kuwait
Mohammad Jaffar, Kuwait
Maryam Al Nusif, Kuwait
Bibi Hayat, Kuwait
Ahmed Al Ghanim & Bader Al Hejailan, Kuwait
Omar Al Haddad, Kuwait
Neda Al Dihany, Kuwait


Scattered, Gathered - ARTIST BOOKS 
Joint Exhibition by Issam Kourbaj & Nizar Sabour

Exhibition Dates: 9/1/2014  - 8/2/2014  
Contemporary Art Platform (CAP exhibition space)

"...The exhibition “Scattered, Gathered” strikes viewers with a sense of being suspended between pages of affectivityWhile the relationship with books is both a public and private one, similarly, the relationship with grief is one that is at the verge of expressing to the outside and keeping to one’s self. On the one hand, Issam Kourbaj’s visual diaries are superimposed on 10,232 pages of Twelve Volumes of The Encyclopedia Britannica of 1890, and on the other hand, Nizar Sabour’s visual essays are created on eighteen handmade wooden books ” The Book: Guardian, of Death and Life”. Still, both diaries reside between the tensions of the imaginary; those of space and time. Sabour records the date by the hour of his own diary entries experienced in the folds of the daily life in Syria, While, Kourbaj inscribes his images onto pages of ready-made collections of alphabetized knowledge, as if the artist is re-writing this knowledge from his own perspective as a Syrian in the UK and recreating a different collective memory". View the online catalog 

"Proceeds from this exhibition will go towards Al Madad Foundation's education and literacy programs, on the ground in Aleppo Syria. By equipping Syria's most vulnerable children and families with the right tools and necessary skills, Al Madad Foundation enables them to rebuild their lives, country and empower a future generation that will not be lost to war". To learn more about this project, click here


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