Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Beneath the Wrinkles..

Having just seen a very unflattering photo of myself I was quite upset/deflated ego/mildly depressed and had a little think to myself. Am I more than an inevitably aging face and gravity-laden body...Hell, yes I am.

Made me think of all the non visual fine attributes I have like  a great sense of humour, big heart, warm genuine hugs, kind thoughtful nature, wicked fun to be with, smart and insightful, passionate, experienced and wise, enthusiastic dancer (notice I didn't say good), interesting conversationalist, worldy, a foodie, a baker, a nice mummy and a best friend.

So much more than just a pretty face..


Go toot your own horn today, feels darn good.



  1. AnonymousMay 01, 2014

    Made me chuckle, especially the dancing bit ;-) You are also a fantastic sister xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. I get that from you :OP xxx


Always great to hear from you :O)