Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Support Kuwait's National American Football Team at KU


Directions are as follows:

1. Take 2nd ring road to the west till you reach road 85
2. Take 85 left till you reach a roundabout with Kuwait University main Gate on the right side.
3. Go into the main gate.
4. Stadium is on the left side of the gate (follow the road)

The Kuwait Gridiron Football Federation is the first official Gridiron Football Association approved by an Olympic Committee in the Middle-East. It is currently under the guidance of the KGFF Board of directors lead by Sheik Mohamed Salman Al-Sabah.Furthermore, they achieved full IFAF membership on the 5th July, 2012 at the 15th IFAF Congress in Austin, Texas making it the first Arabic country to join the IFAF. 

During that congress, Kuwait accepted and voted on a new structure for the IFAF and received the trust of the member associations of IFAF Asia by securing the post of Vice chair of IFAF Asia for Sheik Mishaal T. Fahad Al-Sabah.

The KGFF's main goal is to bring all forms of Gridiron Football to the forefront of sports globally and especially in the Middle-East.

The KGFF board members are always willing to help any group of people interested in playing the great sport of Gridiron Football.  

Any organizations out there willing to help please contact us:

Contact number:
55601500 , 66135554



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