Friday, February 20, 2015

Anyone Travelling to Washington? Saving One Dog at a Time

Lula girl was left in the desert to die ..she had distemper. But she was one of the lucky ones who was rescued and treated. It took a long time to treat and rehabilitate this little girl but with lots of tender loving care...

Today looking gorgeous and healthy. She has found her forever home in the USA. Please share the story as they need someone who is travelling to Washington to take her along as cargo. Can you help? If so please call Leila  99861836.

Here's Rocky the German shepherd's story and he has his own fund raising page. [link]

I've just made a donation, it's a simple process. I completely trust that this money will go to helping these sweet animals in need. Just love Leila Museava and her merry band of animal lovers. These wonderful, big-hearted people badly need funds and forever homes for these beautiful dogs and cats. 

Have a great weekend.

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