Tuesday, February 24, 2015

'Wathiq' Youth Program for Building Self-Confidence, Communication and Leadership Skills for 14-17 Yr Olds

"Wathiq" is a program for high school students - March 2015

Our world today is more complex and highly competitive, and therefore it is upon the youth to balance between school and their commitments and relationships, at the same time it is crucial for them to work on a plan for their future. “Wathiq” is a training course for students designed to prepare young people for the future, it provides them with the skills they need to achieve their goals and unlock their potential. Whether at school, home or even at work at a later stage, it increases the confidence in themselves and helps them to better deal with the pressures that are often faced by the those in this age group.

Registration Conditions:
- -Applicants aged 14 to 17 (females and males)
- -The applicant must be a high school student

To register for this program, please visit the Ministry of Youth website to take part in registration. www.youth.gov.kw Website is in Arabic so won't be suitable for non-Arabic speakers.

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