Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Happy National & Liberation Day Kuwait

The National and Liberation Days highlight the iconic history behind the independence of Kuwait. Rejoicing in the spirit of patriotism, the celebrations are held on 25th and 26th February every year and are of tremendous significance to Kuwaitis commemorating the liberation of the country from Iraqi occupation. A common sight is a gathering of people, dancing and waving the national flag in the streets. It is also held in remembrance to those who lost their lives during the battles.

To the newbies - Keep car windows and doors locked or you might get sprayed. Take snacks, magazines and a phone recharger because the traffic can come to a complete standstill for hours. Have your camera ready for some lively fun characters to jump out of their cars and do a little dance. Remember parts of Gulf Road will be closed for the carnival parade at 3.30PM. [link].

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