Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Black Outs in Most Areas of Kuwait

So far Mishref, Salmiya, Shuhada, Salwa, Surra, Khaitan, Da'iya, Qadsiya, Bayan, Sabah Al-Salem, Mahboula, Jabriya, Riggai, Mubarak Al Kabeer, Shaab, Hawalli, Arabella and the airport and Avenues are on emergency lights. I've heard it's coming back on in somes areas. Please be careful it's kinda crazy out there we just drove from Yarmouk to Bneid Al Gar and many, many traffic lights are not working. 

I have to say I was really worried about the traffic lights not working but it went incredibly well for us at 4 different sets of lights. At one set a civilian car halted us by blocking the road to let other traffic flow and then when he saw a lull in the traffic unblocked us. A very good effort at keeping us all safe. Strangely enough I didn't hear any beeping of horns.

KUWAIT TIMES: Large parts of Kuwait plunged into darkness, leaving people stuck in elevators and traffic in disarray. The Ministry of Electricity and Water said the widespread power outage was due to cable failure that caused the Subbiya power station to lose 2,000 megawatts. It added electricity was being gradually restored to the affected areas.
The blackout affected around 40 percent of the country, including Hawally, Rumaithiya, Salwa, Fintas, Mahboula, Salmiya, Shaab, Khaitan and Farwaniya. Kuwait International Airport and major malls including The Avenues were also hit by the blackout. Police and security personnel were on full alert to prevent any untoward incidents.
Incidentally, Minister of Electricity and Water Abdul-Aziz Al-Ibrahim last month said the nation's power grid will add 1,000 MW before the onset of the summer season due to expansions in major power plants. He said expansion works at the Zour South and Subbiya power plants will each add no less than 500 MW to the national grid. Ibrahim said expansion works at the Zour North power plant are almost 70 percent complete and will provide 230 MW to the national grid by July. He said the country has surplus electricity, but called on consumers to rationalize power usage.

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