Tuesday, April 7, 2015

AWARE'S April Schedule of Cultural Events


For a rewarding, spiritual & informative experience.
This is a 1½ tour of one of Kuwait’s most famous landmarks. Ladies are required to cover - long sleeves and long ankle length skirt, otherwise the mosque will provide a cloak. If you have your own scarf you’re welcome to bring it.
Cameras are allowed. Children are welcome.
This tour meets directly at the Grand Mosque

This tour does not require prior registration.


Three Jewish, Christian and Muslim groups attempt to overcome their differences by building a house together for a poor family in Mexico.
However, this gesture of good will proves to be rather challenging for this diverse crowd. Not only will they have to face each other for the first time, but these inexperienced builders must complete the house in an outrageously short amount of time… Amidst this fast paced and exhausting race against time to finish the house, many share with us their fears and hopes and their views of “the other side”. Among them are Dassie, a Jewish lady born and raised in Israel and Nadia, a Muslim lady born and raised in Lebanon, two ladies from opposite sides of the Middle Eastern conflict…
"We're going to show the world that we can build and not destroy..."
Can these groups achieve their mission of building a house together, "...
a house where all of us can live, this country, this world..." as the Rabbi hopes? And can they do it in time? This powerful story provides a fresh and hopeful approach to peace in a world divided by conflict and takes us on an exciting adventure beyond the boundaries of our differences to a place of Common Grounds.

Refreshments Provided by AWARE


Fee: KD 2 per person
The Arabs are a proud & sensitive people whose culture is mainly derived from family, religion & language. It is considered a great honor to be invited into the home of the locals &
this tour offers a great opportunity to have a look from the inside of a truly unique Kuwaiti house.

Children below 14 years &

Pets are not allowed.

This tour is open for

15 guests only by request of the House Owner. Advance registration is required


Fee: KD 2 per person
Inaugurated by the Amir of Kuwait, His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, on April 8, 2013, this museum hosts rare historical items & antiques for old kuwaiti houses. Decorating the walls of its Art Gallery are paintings & belongings of Kuwaiti Artists. There are also the crafts & Kuwaiti dhow models on display.

Limited Seats. Advance reservations required at joumana@aware.com.kw

Kuwaiti Story Night

by Lydia Al-Qattan
For many years Lydia Al- Qattan has welcomed guests from the AWARE Center to take a guided tour of her famous "House of Mirrors". Now, for the first time, we welcome Lydia into our home, for a cozy and enchanting Kuwaiti story night. Join us at the AWARE Center on Thursday, April 23 as Lydia regales us with a colorful account of the cultural ways of Old Kuwait and how it affected the women. These real stories of the people of Kuwait from the 1960s will be fueled by Arabic sweets & coffee and told the traditional way - by lantern light.
Prior email registration is required for this event through joumana@aware.com.kw


This tour is a marvel of innovative architecture displaying modern technology combined with traditional artisan craftsmanship from Tunisia, syria, Morocco, Egypt & contributions from Kuwaiti designers. This tour meets directly at the Arab Organization Headquarters.
Cameras are welcome.
Limited Seats. Advance reservations required at joumana@aware.com.kw

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