Sunday, April 5, 2015

Review: Al Shaheed Park :O)

We were there today it's a really lovely park but the parking and coffee shop are not open and there are no birds in the aviary. It has a nice springy jogging route, a glass memorial, lit pathways & seating, outdoor auditorium, coffee shop, waterfalls, a lake, botanical gardens and lots of trees & greenery. But, quite alarmingly, I felt that some areas were extremely dangerous for young children due to some of the water features having no barriers - a child can walk right into them and over a small wall into a drop (see pic no.6). Also the tunnel leading into the car park has only a very short wall on one side from the garden area and a huge drop onto a concrete road. Eek! I wanted to take a pic but the LOYAC person asked me not to walk on the woodchips covering the ground overlooking the car park tunnel. As a mother it might be easier for me to see these dangers than the architect. I'm sure it wouldn't take much to make those areas much safer. But as there are no children's play areas we must assume it's not really geared for kids. 

Wear a hat if you plan on walking for a while as there isn't much shade. Would be nice if they could add a lot more shades.

The jogging path crosses the road exiting the car park and if, like me, you are busy chatting or texting and not paying much attention you will find yourself face-to-face with a car exiting the car park.

The park is located at the end of the 30 and along the 1st ring road. The entrance is opposite Tijaria Tower on Soor Street in Kuwait City. Park is open daily from 5 am to 10 pm. except Friday it's 1 pm to 10 pm. There is a huge underground car park that is, currently, free.

Al Shaheed Park’s Martyr Monument  is a seven meter glass sculpture built to commemorate the memory of Kuwait's martyrs and the sacrifices they made. The building of this monument was actually the first step taken in the re-conversion plan of the park.

Soon visitors will be able to attend lectures, workshops & learn more about the history of Kuwait through multi-screens and video displays at one of the main museums at Al Shaheed park, the Thekra Museum. 

The project developed by Al Diwan Al Amiri and is managed by Loyac, the reconversion of Al Shaheed Park was the first step in the reclaimation plan of the former green belt garden of Kuwait City.

That's my finger and a great skyline.

This was one of the water features (above) that I thought was a hazard to young kids. As you can see there is no barrier and then the middle insert has a tiny wall and a drop into car park. Granted there is a safety net about a metre down inside the insert but it's still looks dangerous to me. 

One of the many elegant pathways

The park is just gorgeous both day and night, most definitely a 10/10.

For more details and a schedule of events go to

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