Thursday, April 9, 2015

My Awesomely Wonderful Brother-in-Law Ben Tavendale is Running the Brighton Marathon on Sunday in Aid of Breast Cancer Please Sponsor Him If You Can

Ben's previous run for Breast Cancer Care

Go Ben!

Ben's hoping to complete the 42KM race in 5 hours. All money goes to Breast Cancer Care a charity providing specialist support and expert information for anyone affected by breast cancer. Visit or call their free helpline on 0808 800 6000.

You can safely sponsor Ben at his Just Giving page all amounts, no matter how small, are gratefully appreciated.

Good luck, Ben!

Yay!! He finished in 4.07.58 

And a photo of Ben the champion with his son and our nephew, the gorgeous Finley.

Okay so he can't move today and is paining all over but what a great achievement!


  1. How did it go with him ?
    I've done my first 42Km last November and I must say it's was an unforgettable experience....

    1. Thank you for asking he did great, finished in 4.07.58 he can't move today though.

    2. Bravo to you too. I take my hat off to all marathoners.

    3. Thank you so much. This is kind of you...
      Such a great timing ! (Mashallah) ... He was aiming less than 5 hours and finished in a bit more than 4... Yea it will take like 3 days for him to start walking normally again.. Don't worry it's all part of the experience :) .. Check this video out "The day after the marathon"

    4. Yes, he was chuffed to bits. Oh bless him - the video is agonosing just to watch let alone suffer through. Absolutely big-hearted sweethearts with lots of courage and guts. Thanks for sharing x


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