Saturday, August 15, 2015

We Survived Summer in Kuwait

Okay, so last year was fun with two super holidays but I was consequently, unceremoniously fired by my husband from my job as travel director. I was never very good with numbers and can not stay within a set budget (not even vaguely close). I think our trip to Vegas, the previous year, was the beginning of the end for me. Awesome memories though. 

The thought of spending the summer here filled me doom and gloom. And to realise that my housekeeper was going away for two months holiday, and leaving it all to me, was the last straw. Or so I thought...

What really happened was a small and welcome epiphany. Actually getting off my fat arse and doing my own housework was really very satisfying. Did I say that? A small workout plus a great sense of achievement. My husband chipped in with some of the cooking and dishwashing but he stopped offering unwanted advice when I threatened him with the mop. I felt much more appreciated and was certainly taken more seriously (the mop incident I think). My daughter had chores to do and did moan a bit prior to doing them but once she got cracking she seemed to enjoy them and was very proud of herself. Even after she fractured her wrist (her cousin fell on her) she still did a few chores and now believes me when I say that vacuuming can be done with one good hand.

Team W can really work well together. Who knew? I think my husband is relieved that I wasn't crying everyday of summer which, of course, has taken the pressure of him too. We've actually had a pretty relaxed time. Would I do it again? Not willingly. But it wasn't as bad as I thought it might be and I am grateful for the respect, appreciation and participation from my team.

Plenty of fun stuff to do with the kids: Movie Mondays, Trampo Tuesdays, ice skating, beach, pool, Kidzania, cooking, baking and selling cookies, LoYAC, summer camps, Make Meaning in 360 Mall, boat trips, healthy lunches at Pick Yo, weekends with friends & family and loads more..

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