Thursday, October 15, 2015

If You Lived in the UK in the 1980s Your Blood is Not Wanted at The Blood Bank in Kuwait

I went down to the Blood Bank in Jabriya to give blood for Catherine Anastacio the Filipino mum (she is the sole provider for two young children in the Phillipines). She is really very ill with lupus and is in ICU at Farwaniya Hospital. BUT after checking my BP, a quick hemoglobin test and filling the form.. I was rejected. It seems the question regarding whether I lived in the UK in 1980s means I am eliminated from donating due to the Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease outbreak in the 1980s. And although there are times when I can be a mad cow mostly I'm perfectly fine.

I'm thinking this could apply to anyone who travelled to the UK during the 1980s in that case. Feeling quite miffed.

The questionaire itself is quite alarming especially when your 12 year old wants to fill it for you. So relieved I've never had sexual relations with a homosexual man or a prostitute. I took the form off her at that stage.

The blood bank is open all day most days. The process is relatively simple and well managed you could be in and out in 20 mins. There is a doctor available if you have any medical questions.

Wishing Catherine a full recovery xx

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