Sunday, October 11, 2015

Review: Cafe Bazza, Shamiya :O)

Cool and quirky, this restaurant makes a pleasant change from your usual options. This Kuwaiti style café serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. My girlfriends and I enjoy sharing the Alfreej breakfast which is KD 4.750 and is perfect for two. The Alfreej consists of labneh, humos, falafel, omelette, endless supply of Irani bread and a little Kuwaiti pot of milky tea. The service is excellent, food is good & plentiful and the price very reasonable. We usually go to the one in Shamiya Co-op located upstairs opposite BHS. If you have guests in town it's a great place to experience tasty, good value Kuwaiti/Arabic/Indian food. The décor is super cute consisting of Warhol-like Vimto artwork, placards of old popular brands and lovely calligraphy. The Shamiya Café Bazza is perfect for a little get together with friends followed by some serious grocery shopping. Definitely making this one of my regulars.

Café Bazza also has branches in Bneid Al Gar, Avenues, Salmiya, Salaam, Abu Halaifa, Shuwaikh. I'm really hoping they open one in Mubarikiya as it would be a perfect traditional day out, food and shopping experience.


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