Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Fairy Photos by S J Photography

The latest themed photoshoot....'Fairy Photos' but it is actually suitable for boys as well as girls. SJ Photography has costumes to fit a range of ages: for girls Sam has fairy and princess outfits to fit ages approximately 5 months - 11 years, and for boys there's 'Robin Hood', 'Peter Pan' and Hobbit style outfits to fit ages 2 1/2 - 11 years old (approximately). Sam can cater for other ages (including adults!) but they would need to provide their own costumes.

On the day of the shoot, Sam will transform her studio from a regular photography studio into a fairy woodland. She has a large backdrop and different props such as a tree stump, plants, flowers, rabbits, butterflies, and a mirror as a pond. She will take several pictures of the fairies and woodland folk, then depending on how many pictures have been ordered and any specific requests regarding positioning or poses for example, Sam will then begin to edit the image(s). To do this, she uses a number of different techniques in photoshop to do such things as add wings, mist, fireflies, water, ripples, sparkles etc. Once the picture is complete, Sam will then email it to the client. Alternatively, she can get it put onto a large canvas if desired.

The photoshoot is on October 23rd. I only have limited availability, but will go over on to 24th if there is enough demand. After this Sam can open a waiting list. For more information, or to make a booking, Sam can be contacted via emails s_j_photography@outlook.com or via private message through her Facebook page
Or  website
www.sjphotographystudio.com and can be followed on Instagram at

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