Saturday, December 19, 2015

Review: Opening of Jaber Al-Ahmad Stadium and Kuwait Champions Challenge

Video - Gido Mahdy

I was dreading the traffic enroute to the stadium but surprisingly the delays started only once we got within 900 metres of the stadium. Quite a bit of confusion getting to the parking area, once there a bit of a free-for-all trying to board buses from parking to stadium. Getting into the stadium by foot went pretty quickly. Plenty of police and personnel on duty to assist. The stadium is stunning from outside and inside. A first-class venue with seating for 60,000, 4 levels, big screens, 54 corporate rooms, VIP seating area, parking for 60,000, whirling camera, plenty of bathrooms, food and drink vendors. The crowd were kept entertained by various popular local singers (inc Nabeel Shaeel), dancers and an MC. Much fun had participating in the Mexican waves and sing-songs. A great atmosphere and energy.

Was deeply touching to hear the adoring crowd cheer whenever the Amir's picture came on the big screen, a brass band played the national anthem and then the audience went wild when HH Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad did a round in his car. 

A state of the art laser show and a tremendous firework display ensued followed by the Kuwait Champions Challenge football match. A fabulous line up of some of the finest footballers in the world (including Figo, Carlos, Shvenchenko, Beckham, Nesta). Beckham scored first followed two minutes later by Kuwait's Al-Hajri. Al-Ansari took Kuwait into the lead at the 28th minute and Al-Anezi widen the lead to 3-1. International all-stars scored another at in the 60th minute shortly followed by Nasser scoring their 4th goal. A final score of 4-2 to Kuwait.

An amazing evening and a fantastic stadium for all of Kuwait to be very proud of. Bravo Kuwait.

Was delighted to learn that $200,000 went to Bayt Abdullah hospice for children.

LWDLIK - My daughter thinks an Ariana Grande concert would be perfect here.


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