Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Review: The Three Bazaars

Santa visiting the Gift Bazaar at Marina Crescent. Peace and goodwill to all.
Thank you Christmas in Kuwait for the great photo

Last weekend I managed to do all three of the Christmas bazaars. The
GLOK at the German Ambassador's residence, the BLS at BSK and the mother-of-all 'Gift Bazaar' at Salwa Hall, Marina Crescent.

Nice weather for a sit in the garden at the German ambassador's residence and the smell of Christmas was in the air but I had no time to enjoy it as time was limited if I was to manage all three. Was really popping by for the home-made lebkuchen (German cookies) which I love and stollen but perhaps we got there too late and there was very little on offer. Saw only some shop-made stollen and lebkuchen, so I was a little disappointed. They did have a photo opportunity with the man himself - this one was more a St. Nicholas than a big round bellied, ho-ho-hoing, bespectacled Santa but still lovely.

Next stop the British Ladies Society bazaar at BSK in Salwa. Stayed a few hours. Had baked goodies for my daughter to sell for the Girl Guides to raise money for the less fortunate I managed not to buy them all myself and they raised a fair amount along with second-hand books, sand art and tombola. The BLS bazaar is always a great start to the festive month with carols and Santa. Always nice to see so many local small businesses with their wares. I try to cajole them into starting Instagram or Facebook accounts so that we can all see what they have all year round. Lovely to see the Frog Lady still selling her frogs for Leukemia research and Sports Relief. Plant Man is always there with his poinsettias, lovely glass ornaments by
The Ornamentaliste, some gorgeous brightly coloured pashminas, jackets and silver antiques from Michelle Bannouri, family photographer SJ Photography and gorgeous silver calligraphy cufflinks, necklaces, bracelets by ArabesqueQ8. There was one over-priced stall claiming to have hand-made Christmas plates for sale but I wasn't so convinced after buying some so called 'hand-made goods' in previous years and finding them for half of the price in City Centre. Missed out on Santa as had to dash over to the big bazaar at Marina Crescent, Salmiya.

Finally, the big mumma-jumma bazaar at Salwa Hall in Marina Crescent. It is always packed. Parking at 5PM on a Friday was a nightmare and it was heaving inside. Lots and lots of great stalls ranging from clothes, ornaments, sweets, darling little dog blankets, hand-made (embroidered) Palestinian dresses, bags, wallets and waistcoats, hamsa necklaces, Arabic and Kuwaiti souvenirs/gifts from
Caravan. There was loads to see but I had no time. But well worth battling the traffic and crowds for. Enjoyed the weather and the view outside with some shaved ice and a good sherwerma.

The Christmas season has started. Yay!

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