Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sadu House Dying and Printing Workshops for Adults and Kids

Sadu House is proud to announce that they have started to hold a series of special dyeing workshops in December for both adults and children. Our instructor Ceyda Oskay will be teaching different techniques and methods of dyeing using both chemical and natural dyes.
Basic Paint with natural dyes (weekend 2 hour course with kids)
Children will be learning how to pick motifs from Sadu house and then using the paints provided by the instructor to colour and see the different textures and shades.

However, for adults we are providing:
§  Shibori dyeing – Japanese art of dyeing fabrics. (Weekend course or 2-day weekday course)
§  Dyeing on wool/ yarn
§  Printing on fabric or paper (short one-day or three-day advanced linoleum carving course),
§  Eco printing (two-day course),
§  Advanced fabric design (six session three week course)
§  Natural dyes on wool (3 session course)
§  Eco printing (one-day weekend /or evening course)

Please email: and/or for more information.

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