Thursday, February 18, 2016

A Morning at The Vets


  1. I went to RAH last week and a guy looked at my (barking dog), veered away from both of us, and said loudly enough for the whole place to hear (in Arabic), "She's crazy and her dog is crazy." Then he ran out before he could hear me say (in Arabic), "You're not a man." All I was doing was standing there, talking to the receptionist while my dog barked at another patient. The animals aren't the problem at the vets; their owners are. Most of the time, they're scared of dogs. They bring their birds and cats in and then seem to take it personally that someone would have the nerve to bring in a (God forbid) canine. Awwwwww. Pity party.

    1. On my visit an owner had his huge German shepherd off the leash! I told him to put him back on the leash which he did. I don't mind any dog barking at me as long as they're leashed. It's an interesting place you never know what you'll see.


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