Thursday, February 4, 2016

Organic, Wholesome, Spiritual Farm Trip with Essence Travels

When is it?

On Saturday 6th of Feb. 2016.

Assembly is at 8:30 AM and you will be back at 8:30 pm

Where will we go?

To the Abdali farms, Northern Kuwait.

How can you go?

Join us at the assembly point and get on the bus. Return trip provided.

What is the trip program?

- Fresh organic breakfast on the bus

- A farm tour to pick your own fruits and veggies (tour guides speak English)

- A farming session

- Fresh lunch

- Guided mindfulness session (Session will be in Arabic and English)

- Live music performance (Spanish music)

- Sunset circle around the fire

How much is it?

It is 45 KD per person, all inclusive. If you sign up as a group of 3 or more you will get each ticket for 35 KD only. The group discount is valid till Feb 3rd. After that, it's 40 Kd/person.

For who is this trip?

Everyone aged +10, who has at least a basic level of fitness. The program includes walking and working on the farm fields. Join if you are ready to roll your sleeves and give back to Mother Earth.

How can you sign up?

What's app 66883404 or directly click on the link on our instagram page @essencetravels


- If you are allergic to any plants or animals, please inform us before you sign up.

- The farming session may involve dealing with animals, working with compost and so forth. Join us only if you are comfortable with that.

Who's organizing this trip?

Essence Travels. It is a startup whose members have more than 7 years of experience in traveling. They volunteered on farms in Europe, South America and the Middle east. Essence travels look at traveling in nature as a great means for improving one's mindfulness. Their programs include both themes.

How can you reach Essence Travels?

What'sapp 66883404


Insta, snap @essencetravels

You can check the video of one of our trips right here:

Looking forward to having you!

Best regards
The Essence Travels Team

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