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Al Shaheed Park February 2016 Schedule

"Did You enjoy Your Dish, Gentlemen?"
Comedy Night by LAPA

Written and performed by Pavol Seriš
Director: Arnošt Goldflam
Design: Romana Skalická
Time: 50 minutes
"Did you enjoy your dish, gentlemen?" is a physical comedy by Pavol Seriš. It is a performance of one actor from the strange world of restaurants and waiters. The actor plays more than twenty different characters using minimal props and counts on the active imagination of the audience. The play is a mixture of theatre, mime, clown art, absurdity and dance. "Did you enjoy your dish, gentlemen?" was performed at various festivals in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Austria, Italy, Kosovo, Morocco, Iran and Lebanon.
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Feb 11th:

YourAOK "Benchmark 2016"
Design Entrepreneurship Forum

Lectures: lectures by professionals in the industry
Mentorships: individual and group mentorship programs for designers wanting to open their own design businesses (product, fashion, branding etc)
Marketplace: products from yourAOK’s online marketplace ( will be displayed & sold on behalf of the designers
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Little Red Riding Hood
Children's Interactive Book Reading

This fun and educational book reading session not only includes story telling time, but also involves a set of activities where children can apply the values of what they have learned from the book in an engaging and interactive way.
هذه الحصص تختلف عن حصص القراءة التقليدية لأنها تشجع طفلك للتفاعل مع المدرسة والأطفال الآخرين، و تطبيق كل ما تعلموه من القصة من خلال ألعاب تفاعلية مرحة.
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Kuwait National & Liberation Day Celebrations 


Night of OUD with Abdulaziz Al Mesbah
Musical night By LAPA

Abdulaziz AlMusbah is a musical prodigy taken in by LAPA back in 2013.  Through intensive training and workshops given by LAPA, Abdulaziz has not only expanded and improved his skill of playing the 'oud' but also began singing during his live performances. After his oud training, our local vocal coach began training with Abdulaziz for his vocal skill. Now a local Kuwaiti talent, Abdulaziz is further pursuing and developing his musicality with LAPA's music team
 العزيزعبد المسباح  ذو ١٥ عام هو أعجوبة  موسيقية احتضنته (لابا) في عام ٢٠١٣. و من خلال التدريب المكثف في (لابا) إستطاع عبدالعزيز ليس فقط أن ينمي مهاراته في غزف العود ولكنه بدأ في الغناء خلال عروضه الحية. يعد الآن أحد المواهب الكويتية والمحلية ويستمرعبدالعزيز في السعي لتطوير قدراته الموسيقية مع فريق (لابا) الموسيقي.
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Starting a Happy Family
Lecture by Birth Kuwait

An interactive lecture on modern practices of child-friendly hospitals based on the recommendations
of the World Health Organization, you will learn about how to provide the optimal beginning in your child's life . You will also learn  ways to expand your knowledge about types of birth plans,  how to treat the first hours and days after giving birth, the importance of breastfeeding, and your relationship with your child and family. Attendance is important for couples to know the role of the husband and how he can support his wife during childbirth and breastfeeding.
Dr. Mona Asamiei
Pediatrician - Nutrition Consultant/ Breastfeeding Consultant
Coordinator of breastfeeding programs and the innitiative of implementing child -friendly hospitals in Kuwait
إنشاء أسرة سعيدة - البداية الأفضل لطفلك
محاضرة تفاعلية عن الممارسات الحديثة للمستشفيات الصديقة للطفل بناء على توصيات منظمة الصحة العالمية،  ستتعرفين على كل ما يهمك في البداية الأمثل في حياة طفلك. ستتعرفين على طرق تثقيف نفسك بخصوص الولادة، كتابة خطة الولادة، وكيف تتصرفين في الساعات و الأيام الأولى من بعد الولادة وتأثيرها بالغ الأهمية على الرضاعة الطبيعية وعلاقتك مع طفلك وعائلتك.
الحضور مهم للأزواج لمعرفة دور الزوج في دعم الزوجة في الولادة والرضاعة الطبيعية.
المحاضرة من تقديم:
د. منى الصميعي
طبيبة أطفال تخصص تغذية
استشارية رضاعة طبيعية
منسقة برنامج تشجيع الرضاعة الطبيعية وتطبيق مبادرة المستشفيات صديقة الطفل في دولة الكويت

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When the 3 Ps Meet:
A Poet, A Pianist & A Perfomance Artist

On February 22nd, three artists – a poet, Nejoud Al-Yagout, a pianist and composer-Harriet Bushman - and a performance artist, Colette Dalal Tchantcho - will be collaborating together for the first time in Kuwait. Nejoud will be reciting poetry from her second book of poems, Awake in the Game of Pretending. The recital will be accompanied by piano music composed by Harriet Bushman specifically for the six poems. In addition, Colette will be interpreting both the poems and the music through performance art.

Fitness & Well-being 
In the Park

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