Monday, November 29, 2010

A Few Pics of Cirque du Soleil in Case you Missed it..

And more [link]
It was very cold out there, only a few toilets for what seemed like a 1000 people and the spectators could have done with tiered seating as the people at the back would have found it difficult to see. There were huge screens showing a close-up of the show so that helped somewhat. In general a good time. Hope to see more events like this in Kuwait.


  1. We have been debating weather this is the "real" Cirque du Soleil or a knock-off group.

    CdS usually performs particular branded shows like "Saltimbanco" and "Varakei".

    Their website ( lists UAE, but I couldn't find any info on tours in Kuwait.

  2. Hi DG, I've no idea. I saw CdS's Quidam in Dubai. I was also aware that all the shows seem to have names and that there was no mention on their site (of which I have been a member for a long time, I also have the fridge magnet ;O) Everyone so far that I've spoken to has had good things to say other than the points menetioned above. Would be very naughty to try and fob us off with faux CdS!

  3. Could be this was a special one off event sponsored by Al-Ghanim. After all, it was my understanding one had to buy 200 KD of products to be eligible for 2 tickets

  4. Hi Jewaira, I wonder how much money was made? Hope it was lots to encourage them to put more shows on. Nice marketing ploy Xcite :OD

  5. It was definitely the real Cirque Du Soleil - all the support staff (director, costume design, stage sets, etc.) were from the CDS headquarters in Montreal, and the performers were mostly Canadian with a few Ukranians and Russians thrown in for good measure. I met a lot of them after the performances at a private event.


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