Friday, November 5, 2010

A Finnish Puppet Theatre visiting Kuwait

A Finnish Puppet Theatre will be visiting Kuwait at the end of November. Shows will be on November 25, 26 and 27 at Radisson Blu hotel. Tickets are available now. They cost 6KD per person and can be purchased at the Radisson Blu Health Club tel: 2567 3888 mobile: 6571 8000. The show duration is 45 minutes.
“Winter Story From The Land Of Northern Lights” by a Finnish Puppet Theater.
This performance tells a story of a girl and a reindeer who were both born on the night of the shooting star. This story is about friendship and courage. The performance is mostly without words and accompanied by beautiful music. To find out what happened to the girl and the reindeer, who they met and what they experienced, get your tickets now at Radisson Blu Hotel – Viking Club reception.

Thursday November 25 @ 5pm and 7pm
Friday November 26 @ 1pm
Saturday November 27 @ 3pm and 5pm

LWDLIK review- Was cute for the little ones, would have been much better if the first two rows of chairs had been removed and the little kids could have sat on the floor to see better. The kids at the back couldn't see and got fidgety and noisy. Also the backdrop could have been blacked out with paper as there was too much light. So Radisson, we appreciate the effort just needs tweaking and a little more thought for next time. Thanks.

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