Monday, November 22, 2010

Three More Houses Evacuated in Ahmadi

Damages by the gas can be seen on the interior walls of the houses affected. Also, oxygen is measured at 20 percent within one of the houses, indicating a high ratio of gas exposure.

Monday, 22 November, 2010 .
KUWAIT: The Ahmadi Fire Station received Sunday eight more reports of gas leakage cases in Block 1 of Ahmadi. Upon receiving the reports, firefighters, ambulances and police patrol cars rushed to the scene.
The discovery of the gas leakages resulted in a further evacuation of three homes, in fact the ratio of the gas reached 76 percent in one of the houses.
An elderly woman in her seventies experienced severe gas inhalation but survived when she transferred to a nearby hospital swiftly for treatment.
The inhabitants of the area continue to express their fears for their health and their children's health due to the continuous leakages.

LWDLIK- Doesn't sound good at all. I'm wondering if I may need to cancel 22 tickets for this year's panto at Kuwait Little Theatre? :O(
I believe these homes are over 50 years old I suppose it's inevitable that there will be leaks in the old piping underneath these homes. Very inconvenient for those that live there. Let's hope it's sorted quickly (like before 4th December :O)

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