Monday, November 1, 2010

Aziz Al Mudhaf Solo Art Exhibition

Aziz Al Mudhaf is a 20 year old Kuwaiti painter whose work revolves mostly around humanistic emotions and the inner struggles of man. His paintings are mostly characterized through the use of strong, vibrant colors and the juxtaposition of soft detailing and hard, raw technique. His launch into the international art market was marked by exhibiting at the prestigious Opera Gallery Dubai in the summer of 2009.
This will be the artist's first solo exhibition showcasing a full collection of highly charged emotional paintings developed throughout the past two years.
Opening night:  Tonight 1st November at 6:00PM until Wednesday 4th November at 10:30PM
Venue: 4
Directions: Come in from Airport Road (55) and keep the BMW dealership to your right. Take a right as if you were going to the BMW dealership, but don't go into their parking; instead, continue straight on that street until you see 4 on your right side. Union Air is the next door building to the left of 4.
For more detailed directions to get to 4, please call 24925444.
For any questions regarding the exhibition please contact

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