Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Starbucks Insider - Drinks for Kids

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  1. Freaky example of kids growing up too fast: There was girl the other day at the starbucks I work in who looked really young and came up to ask for a... let me remember... 'white mocha frappuccino with java chips, a pump of raspberry, and extra drizzle.' AT 11:30 PM!! She was wearing full makeup, hair done, 3 in. heel boots, and an outfit that looked although good, really decked out and strange on a young girl. Turns out she was 12, and said she'd been having the coffee frappuccinos since she was 10, and knew a million different (very specific) kinds she liked on the back of her hand. Her mom seemed like it was totally normal... in fact she joked that her daughter drinks them just about every day... and I'm thinking first off these are like over $5 with all that added stuff, meaning if you had them every day (I was just curious so I added it up on my phone calculator) that would be $1,825.00 per year for a child's coffee fix. SERIOUSLY?!?! I even asked the mom if she wanted decaf, and she said 'she doesn't like them like that'. Wow, I personally can't tell the difference at all. Kids these days. And I'm only 23.


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