Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fursa...The Who, What and Where of Them.

Fursa is a non-profit Kuwaiti organization. It is a multi brand store that offers a chance for young talents to reveal their creations. Whether you are already working on a concrete project, have the first sparks of an innovative idea or just the intention to contribute your time, energy and talent to make a positive difference, Fursa provides a carefully curated experience to help take your initiative to the next level.
At Fursa you would find everything for women, men, and kids, from vintage clothes, modern-day outfits, funky accessories, art and gadgets. They try to support local, regional, and international designers and creative persons to display their work at their store rent-free and we only for a small percentage of the sales. So far they’ve got participants from Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and France.
Fursa is located at Salmiya next to Marina Mall, ‘The One’ parking, in front of ’7 bars’ restaurant, and in the same building as ‘Breakfast and Brunch’.
Follow them on twitter @fursa_q8 or Instagram: @fursaq8

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