Wednesday, July 4, 2012

For those Fearful, Sad and Lost..

Dedicated to those who are going through anxiety, panic and depression - and feel alone and misunderstood.

Please do not be afraid.

We all have phases we go through in life. It is not always possible to be emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually balanced and primed all the time and it's okay not be be okay if that is what one is going through for some reason or the other I think it's not a sign of weakness, but a measure of strength and endurance to cope with all this , and try to come out of it  no matter how difficult it is. And I admire those, who give strength and support and stand by you in such times, rather than criticise and put you down for being weak and sensitive. Life does not always have to be perfect to be wonderful. With faith in God and ourselves, love and positivity around us.. I think we can all get  through it ...

We all need Love, support and people who lift us up.

We might have made choices which may have not turned out so well, but always remember...

All Mistakes are Lessons in Disguise.
Have faith in yourself. Believe in yourself. Love yourself. Try and let go of all anger, fear and hurt - and the past.
Today is another day. And you are going to get through this. Even if is tiny step by tiny step .. you will get through this. Sometimes it is in the darkness when we learn to embrace our own light and see our own strength. And only when we hit rock bottom, do we realise there is only one way left to go and that way is up.

Your life is waiting. You have a choice to make it worthwhile and happy. Your future depends on the happy, positive and loving choices you make today - starting right now.

Even if it's in the little things around you..
- Saying enough is enough to negativity and toxicity.

- Take a nice shower, put on some make-up, dress up a little even if you're not going anywhere. 
- Stop blaming others and get on with fixing what's making you unhappy.
- Walking over to the window and taking a deep breath ...

- Find a hobby or a passion and throw yourself into it.
- Forgive.
- Smiling, and not really caring what anyone thinks or whether they smile back.
- Putting some flowers on your desk or in your house.
- Changing your desktop wall paper to something that makes you feel happy and smiley.
- Having something you love for lunch, not what you think you should.
- Hugging a child.
-Taking a little walk and breathing in the nature.
- Read something uplifting.
- Just look around you and be grateful to be alive be able to see, smile, smell the coffee, feel the warmth of the sunshine. There are so many without the blessings you take for granted each day.

Let's banish the fears that get you down - one by one .
You can do it - Have faith, think positive and never give up.
Each day, is a new beginning - A NEW chance to turn things around.
Everything will be okay. :0) Just never stop believing.

P.S - Please feel free to share your feelings and to add anything positive in the comments so more people can read get a dose of positive energy, love and happy dust for all. 

Have a great day ... ♥

Via Back towards life.


  1. Beautiful post LWDLIK! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Bless you!


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