Saturday, July 28, 2012

Glorious Weather in UK Just Loving it :OD

We have, indeed, been blessed with fab weather this last week. Which is a stark contrast to the nasty weather we had a few years ago during a 7 week 'summer' holiday in UK - when it rained every day except one. I ended with 3 pairs of good shoes being ruined and getting toe fungus :O( 

So this year we came laden with raincoats, jumpers, umbrellas and haven't even taken them out of the suitcase ...yet (one mustn't speak too soon). 

Thank you Primark for togging us out in suitable summery clothes at incredibly low prices. If you've never been to Primark; it is a MUST. 

Went up to London as 4 year old nephew Finley, the gorgeous one, had a casting for a big brand company (fingers crossed). We spent the whole afternoon at Hyde Park soaking up the holiday zen. Just love Hyde Park, we ate ice creams and lolled in deck chairs whilst the kids ran around and had a blast. Ahhhh..:OD

Have eaten delicious raspberries grown in the back garden... Yum!

Love that the kids are out in the garden trampolening in their PJs, love that at 8.23AM they are having ice lollies. Okay let be explain the last statement; they have been up since 6.30AM and had a healthy breakfast before 7AM... and trampolening is hot and tiring stuff ;O) 

I just love sunny summers in England.


  1. Glad that you're enjoying ur time :) in Kuwait weather right now is SAD :(

    1. Thank you. Sorry for the long delay in answering this comment it must have gotten trapped in cyperspace for a while. Nice weather today in Kuwait though. Yay!

  2. :( I'm jealous, can't wait to go home at xmas... not long to go............. LOL

    1. Hope you enjoyed your Xmas. Another one coming soon! Sorry for the long delay in answering just stumbled across your comment. Never received any notice that these comments had been posted. Oh the joys of blogging. Thanks for your comments love to hear from readers so please, please don't think I was being rude. Xxx


Always great to hear from you :O)