Tuesday, November 6, 2012

4 Million Kuwaiti Dinar Fireworks Extravaganza in Kuwait on 10th November

This promises to be one unforgettable fantastic firework display that is expecting to break 7 world records. Various events will be staged at Green Island and at 2PM a parade will make it's way from Green Island along Gulf Road to Kuwait Towers. At the Kuwait Towers there will be a sound, laser, light and 3D projection show and an almighty firework display at 8 or 9PM. (Varying info but best to be there early not to miss anything). 

There are also rumours of hot air balloons carrying Kim Kardashian and Shakira...

Wooohooo! Can't wait. Going to be even better than 50/20 in 2011 see pics [link].

LWDLIK - Thanks for the info update EEK and Mark at 248AM.

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