Sunday, November 4, 2012

Seems Protestors Have a Change of Location - Mishref International Fairground

The Dignity March - that was scheduled for this evening by the opposition in Kuwait - has been deterred from the original plan to converge on the Kuwait Towers. The national guard, police and special forces implemented very tight security around the Kuwait Towers making it impossible for any protest. A trickle of protestors had walked to the national landmark to be turned away by a line of guardsmen.

The anonymous Twitter account @KarametWatan has been orchestrating the protests and has tweeted a new location in Mishref for them to gather. And it seems the protestors are beginning to congregate. 

Photo @Nashmiq8


  1. Only because Mishref coop has a great Starbucks.

    1. McDonalds ran out of burgers!


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