Thursday, November 1, 2012

Horrendous Footage of Special Forces and Camera Man Being Run Over by Escaping Protestors Last Night in Firdous and Sabah Al Nasser Area.

Please excuse the bad language. These are no longer peaceful demonstrations. Protestors had gathered to oppose the arrest of former Islamist MP Mussallem Barrak.


  1. Since when have they been peaceful? The demonstrations have been going on in Taima for the past year and no one has paid attention. Now all of a sudden, because the demonstrators are card-carrying Kuwaiti citizens, everybody is watching.

    So sad that the country is coming to this.

    I noted that the security forces STILL have not been trained in basic first aid response. Why do they constantly try to pick people up or get them to stand??? Not one of them knows the basics. I'm surprised that the EMTs even know. They could have paralized the guy.


    1. Imobilize neck
    2. Check level of consciousness
    3. Check for broken bones.

    Hold victim where he/she is until emergency services arrive.

    I had an EMT try to pull me out of my wrecked car one time. He was too busy smoking a cigarette and asked me to walk to the ambulance.

    1. Good advice DG. We have a friend who is quadraplegic due to a motor cycle accident. He was bundled into a car by people who had good intentions but sadly, perhaps, may have contributed to his outcome.
      As for human rights we need more focus on many other matters here including the raping, murdering and beating of maids and Asian workers.

  2. our country - love it or leave it
    barrak needs to have his passport revoked
    we're the emirate of kuwait not the islamic republic of kuwait or the bedu confederation of kuwait, the
    emirate of kuwait
    the country which provides free healthcare, jobs, pensions, social security, etc etc etc
    you don't like it?
    leave and drop your passport at the airport when you do

    1. He and his cronies have systematically undermined the Amir and his government for years. The country has stagnated - not because of government - but because of the childish in-house squabbling in parliament. I see more get done in the country without a 'democratically' elected parliament. Yes, there is room for improvement. But in no way should we go back to the dark ages. Thank God for the Amir vetoing the 'death for blasphemy' proposal. Thank God and the Amir that my daughter has the right to learn music, art, drama and do sports in school. Thanks to the Amir and former MPs who were diligently opposed to segregation in schools, women wearing hijab by law and for the right for women to vote. It's showdown time and I have full faith in the Amir to do what is right for Kuwait and it's people.
      Agree good riddance to those who oppose progress and our civil rights.


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