Sunday, November 25, 2012

Yay! Finally Guilt-Free Delicious Snacks for Kids and Adults

The hottest new natural snack 
NO GMOs, high-fructose corn syrup, artifical colors or flavors
Guilt-free snack for kids ages 2 to 102
Great item for kids’ lunch-boxes or a portable treat for mom’s purse!
Contains 30 pouches/24-oz total - 6 x 4-oz boxes with 5 individual, 0.8-oz, 70-calorie pouches in each

Flavours include: Mixed Fruit, Smoothie Fruit, Super Fruit (with acai), and Wild Berry. I've tried them all and they are so yummy. My princess can't get enough of them even daddy loves them. 

Very reasonably priced at KD 2.500. Home delivery available call 97969928.

Raw Living is a company based in Kuwait that promotes a balanced lifestyle by distributing natural, organic and eco-friendly products to various outlets in the Middle East.


  1. This is organic junk. If you read the label and see the ingredients, there's nothing healthy, just a mix of silly things put up as organic. Im very passionate of healthy food, and wanted to let you know, this is not what it may look like.

    1. Having tried them myself and read the label I can honestly tell you they are delicious and a far, far better choice than all the sweets out there full of crap. Although I do appreciate there are people out there that take this subject very seriously and would love if you could share with us convenient, healthy sweet snacks that my kid will adore as much as these. Thanxxxx.


Always great to hear from you :O)