Tuesday, October 29, 2013

British Woman Rescues Dog from Death's Door in Kuwait


LIFELINE: George makes the trip from Kuwait to Barry                                       
LIFELINE: George makes the trip from Kuwait to Barry from the streets of Kuwait, where he was battered, blinded and on the brink of starvation, to a loving home in Barry – George the labrador has had quite the journey. 
Sara Assayed, 29, moved from Barry to Kuwait with her family 12 years ago. When they returned she decided to stay and has since achieved her degree, now working as a teacher in a primary school.
It was near her school that she found George, cowering from the 45 degree heat under her car, clearly malnourished and covered in horrendous wounds that suggested he had been used in dog fights.
Warily she approached the dog, believed to be around ten years old, and she was immediately convinced of his docile nature when he reached out a paw to her.
Sara said: "After several attempts to get him out from under the car, he slowly approached me and gently gave me his paw asking for help.
"At that moment I knew I couldn't leave him and he was coming home with me. I put him in my car and rushed to the vet for a check-up. He was skin and bone, severely dehydrated and he had malnutrition."
The vet advised that George – blind in one eye, his nose torn to bits and with only two teeth – would be best off being put down, but Sara knew that she needed to save him.
"I already have four dogs at home in my small apartment and couldn't bring George home with me at that moment," she said. "Finding a home in Kuwait was almost impossible, especially for a dog his size and age, so I knew there was no other solution but to send him out of Kuwait."
Sara began an internet campaign to raise enough money to fly George to Barry, where her cousin Anna Hocking had agreed to adopt him.
George spent the next few months living with a foster family, regaining his health and waiting for his trip to the UK. Donations of £1,500 and a six-hour flight later, George found himself living in Barry with Anna.
"Everyone who met this dog just fell in love with him," said Anna. "There isn't an aggressive bone in him. He has a lovely nature.
"I just wanted to give him the chance to live his last few years in comfort."
Anna said that George was very happy in his new home: "I think the weather may have been a bit of a culture shock to him though.

LWDLIK - So happy for George.


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