Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Don't Miss Bark in the Park 3rd Annual Dog Show This Weekend

Bark in the Park is back! Join us Saturday 26th October 2013 from 11 am to 4 pm at the KOC Japanese Garden for a day full of fun for your dogs and family. Advance Registration is required. Categories are as follows:
1. Best Look Alike: This competition looks at how similar you and your dog appear in clothes, attitude or physical features.
2. Best Dressed: Get creative! Dress your dog up in a fancy costume and let us know what inspired your design. We’ll also see how well your dog carries your fashion!
3. Best Rescue: Walk your dog with pride in our competition ring. Then tell us how you rescued it.
4. Best Child Handler: This competition looks at how well children handle their furry friends on a leash! Let’s see who takes whom for a walk!
5. Most Adorable: Everyone’s favourite category! Who doesn’t think their dog is the most adorable? Well, walk the ring and compete for this most coveted title
6. Agility Round: This is a basic obstacle course with a ramp, tunnel and jumps. Show us just how agile your dog is!
7. Temptation Alley: Walk your dog around a number of hula hoops lying flat on the ground. Each hoop contains a tempation – food, a treat or a toy! The dog that resists most temptations wins!
8. Best Mixed Breed: Walk your mutt with pride and let us know which breeds its lovable quirks represent!

Register online by clicking on the flyer above or CLICK HERE The online form also guides you to calculate Entry Fees, which can be paid at the door on the day of the event.
Registration closes Thursday 24th October 2013. Hurry!
Click here to download registration form.

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