Thursday, October 10, 2013

Children's Classics Little Women by Louisa May Alcott & The Hobbit by J R R Tolkien Are Banned in Kuwait

Un-flipping believable!

Please give Max of Better Books and Café Kuwait a medal for having to deal with this sort of stuff on a daily basis.

Better Books Second hand Bookstore is in Salmiya behind Al Rashed Hospital,
Amman Street. Best to call ahead first on  6663 7351 in case she's barricaded herself in ;OD




  1. Someone in spirit told me to check your blog - first time in months and - ay - I'm top of your list!
    Having a legitimate business (not a cupcake factory in your kitchen) IS A nightmare
    It's a nightmare , I should have opened a salon....seriously, sigh.
    Better Books is getting back on its feet for sure - thanks for the support.
    Visit my FB page - Better Books and Cafe Kuwait
    I'm here to support reading and fight for readers .....Maxine Meilleur, aka Better Books or if you prefer - Max Quoxite de la Salmiya (who tilts at ministries!!!)

  2. Lol. Is this some kind of joke? Who's the minister guy who banned those books, does anyone know his name?

    1. I wish it was a joke. My 10 year old has The Hobbit. Does this make her a criminal? Barmy!


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