Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ahmadi Music Group Presents Acis & Galatea

Acis & Galatea Poster

In February 2014, Ahmadi Music Group and Kuwait School of Dance  will present Haendel’s great pastoral opera, Acis and Galatea. 
Watch as Acis, the brave young shepherd falls in love with the exotic Galatea, queen of the Water Nymphs.  She loves him in return, but her great beauty has also attracted the fearsome one-eyed monster-giant, Polyphemus.

How can Acis hope to fight Polyphemus in order to protect Galatea?  Can Galatea’s band of gentle Water Nymphs stand against the Scary-Fairies who follow Polyphemus?

With full chorus, international soloists, full corps de ballet, and live orchestra, Ahmadi Music Group will bring this great classic work to full-colour life on the beautiful stage of the Dar al-Athar al-Islamiyyah at Maidan Cultural Center, on the roundabout near Shaab Park, Shaab.

This website is now enabled for on-line purchase of tickets by Knet only. Please use your Knet debit card to purchase tickets. If you are not able to purchase by Knet, then please enter your information to reserve your tickets, activate the “CASH” button, then contact info@ahmadimusicgroup.com or on their ticket hotline 6618 4192 to arrange to make payment.


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