Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Should Read 'Baba's' Priceless Princess ;o)

My daughter's motto.

From 6 months old our precious one has had my husband and I dangling on a string. However, one of us has to be the disciplinarian so it's me. My husband yells and threatens but has never laid a hand on his baby girl - not even a little smack on the hand.

Anything Miss Kookie wants, Miss Kookie gets. Mini fridge for her bedroom, guitar used once, Samsung when they had just come out and her own loo roll holder placed just above the communal one. Sporting her own cartoon toilet roll paper next to a hand-made sign that she made saying, Do not use my toilet roll.

Her real name 'Sheikha' it is perfect for her. LOL.

I, on the other hand, am more pragmatic in dealing with our sweet, savvy, adorable little monster. But who can tell? Certainly not a smitten parent that's for sure. 

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