Friday, February 14, 2014

These People Seriously Rock! K'S Path Marine Conservation Volunteers

Almost every weekend a group of veteran volunteers and newbies get themselves down to Sulaibikat to clean up the beach. A pointless act some might say  due to the blatant disregard some have here for their environment. But that doesn't deter Fatima Al Sabah and her fellow K'S PATH superstars from getting down and dirty clearing the mangrove area which helps the mangroves thrive and in turn creates a healthy habitat for other species.

They've done a truly amazing job and it's certainly something to sing about..

What it used to be like..
You too can make a difference by contributing a few hours of your weekend morning, zeal and efforts to protect the many beautiful species of bird and flora at Sulaibikhat Mangrove beach! Do get in touch if you, your school or your group is happy to volunteer with our Marine Conservation Program. Email or call (+965) 67001622

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