Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Hard Shoulder Safe/Emergency Lane Usage in Kuwait.

The hard shoulder which should be kept clear for life-saving ambulances or breakdowns but occupied by ungovernable, unruly, disruptive, anarchic, rebellious, insubordinate, mutinous morons. However,  just to cause more confusion, there are times when the lanes can be used so look out for the new flashing signals set up to permit their use. Baffled? Me too..Read more here [link].

I do despair. What happened Major General Abdulfattah? For a few weeks there was hope on the horizon. And now we are back to taking our lives in our hands whilst driving our kids to school. When will you catch and implement harsh punishments for all those speeding and driving dangerously? Manslaughter charges for vehicular murder? When will the roads be safer? When will the red stop sign be obeyed? When will the idiot drivers out there, with absolutely no respect for our lives, be stopped?

If you are wondering about this one I'm assuming
that it means if you are driving in the emergency lane during permitted
times then the speed limit is 45. But anyone who's been here a week
knows that will be ignored by 99% of the population so total waste of a
sign. Lord please help us!

Thank you Alain for the top photo hope the info answers your question. Thank you for the emergency lane info.

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