Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Visit to Remal International Festival and P2BK Expo at Mishref International Fairgrounds off the 6th Ring

A fabulous day out. Best to visit around 5PM so you can see the amazing sand sculptures during daylight and after dark when lit up and the entertainment starts. Be warned it is freezing out there in the evening so go suitably dressed. Food, coffee and toilet facilities all available at the Remal Festival, outside and in P2BK expo.




  1. Beautiful photos. That looks amazing. Was waiting for the initial crowd/rush to get over. Can't wait to visit Sand sculpture park in the weekend. Was there a big crowd for the tickets? Did you have to wait long? Hope the parking is more organized now. A blogger had mentioned what a tough time he had with parking.

    1. LOL You are too kind. I take horrible pics but does give people an idea of the magic to be found. Parking wasn't an issue we parked on some spare land about 3-4 mins walk away that way getting out wasn't a problem either. There are signs for parking just follow them rather than try to get as close as possible. No queue for tickets at all. It did start to get very busy with lots of people arriving as we were leaving around 7PM.


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